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2nd Internation Symposium on Moringa 10th to 13th of November 2019

Conference workshop: 10 November 2019
Time: 13:00-18:10

Workshop theme: Unlocking Moringa market access


Speakers and panel team




Finger Lunch








Mr Cyril Lombard

Synopsis of Moringa industry in SA: challenges and opportunities


Mr Ernest Nyambe

Status of Moringa industry in Zambia: lessons learnt


Dr Newton Amaglo

Establishment of good Moringa practices in Ghana: lesson learnt


Dr Chamunorwa Togo

Product developments and market access


Dr Hlupheka Chabalala

Government role is supporting Moringa sector


Panel discussion
(Mr Lombard, Mr Nyambe,
Dr Amaglo, Dr Togo, Dr Chabalala,
Mr Ulrich, Mr Coetsee)  and audience participation

All aspect of presentations and any issues related to Moringa market access

16:30 - 16:45 


Tea and snacks

16:45 – 17:45

Panel discussion on challenges and opportunities of organizing effective National Moringa Associations

Prof Mowa


Mr Rene Munya

Closing remarks




Bibliography of some of the speakers

Mr Cyril Lombard


Mr. Lombard is currently an independent consultant focussing on the biotrade concept and proposal development. He has more than 30 years of experience in the natural products industry with successful global market launches. He was previously involved at Phyto Trade Africa, where he acted as head of market development and head of R&D, assisting members of the Southern African natural Products Trade Association to develop multiple industry partnerships as well as supporting members and collaborators on navigating intellectual property issues and global regulatory barriers. He later acted as the CEO of Phyto Trade Africa with participation in multiple task teams and advisory groups as well as serving on the board of directors of the Union for Ethical Biotrade.





Chamunorwa Togo


Dr Chamunorwa Togo, is a General Manager for Innovation and Industry Development at The Innovation Hub Management Company (TIHMC) overseeing the Bio-economy and smart industry sectors. He has extensive research experience and background in Biotechnology and general life sciences. Amongst some of his areas of interest are bridging the gap between the laboratory and market and commercialisation of indigenous knowledge- based products.


Mr Ernest W. Nyambe

Mr Nyambe has an MSc from Bolton University and is currently the president of the Moringa Development Association of Zambia (MDAZ). As president of MDAZ he strives to bring together different stakeholders including government and communities to emphasize the importance of Moringa’s health benefits, revenue value and possibility to address unemployment as cash crop. He offers consultancy services and distributes seedlings to set up Moringa fields and he also assists in carrying out research on behalf of his clients. Training and workshops are conducted and business plan and supply chain support are provided.


Dr Newton Amaglo

Dr Amaglo completed both his MSc and PhD on Moringa and has more than 20 year's of experience in the commercial cultivation and processing of Moringa leaves as well as seed oil processing from Moringa. He has been involved in international projects related to Moringa production in Africa and played an important role in the drafting and establishing of a code of good practices for Ghanaian Moringa industry.


Dr Hlupheka Chabalala


Dr Hlupheka Chabalala is a Director at the Department of Science and Technology responsible for Indigenous knowledge based Technology Innovation. His team has been instrumental in supporting the commercialization of Indigenous plants in the country including Moringa as part of the bio economy strategy.


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